{June 13, 2007}   Ritual of the Idiochick

Ok, so here’s my first real post. I didn’t plan on having any drama to post today but I got a little.

First, a brief introduction. I used to drink alot. What I mean by alot is every single day for six to ten hours or whenever I passed out. Not good for me, I know and surely hell on my wonderful roommate at the time. The word depressed doesn’t scratch the surface of what I was going through.

At the time I’d been drinking steadily at the rate I mentioned above for two months solid. I’d tried dating and had a few idiotic flingy kind of things that were long distance. I’d gotten a webcam and was hanging out on Yahoo’s chatrooms once in a blue moon. I’d never shown anyone my webcam except for an ex I refuse to discuss right now.

So along comes “Leeza” from the Deep South and she’s got a webcam, too! Now, for those guys out there (and maybe the ladies?) lots of people who like to be on the webcam are.. how to say? Less than attractive. This Leeza, though: 5’7″, thin as hell, long gorgeous curly brunette hair and a huge, radiant smile. Seemed like a sweetheart, too!

So, I thought hey I made a cool friend. I mean, at the time I met her she had a boyfriend so this was friends-only chatting. Then that boyfriend moved to another city and didn’t tell her! And to top all this off she was late on her period and absolutely sure she’d gotten pregnant.

Then came the period about a week later and Halleleujah! no babies on the way. So I’d gotten real into her and then we talked on the phone and wouldn’t you know that damned Southern accent got me! We talked alot, but always late after her cell time was free since I couldn’t afford a cell at the time.

The things this girl told me are nuts and I’ll get into lots more of it later, but here’s the thing: why do the Idiochicks think people will buy the same lies over and over? Today she tells me she’s cheated on her boyfriend and until today has been terrified she’d gotten pregnant from the fling. Right. Just like the last, oh, six or eight times you’ve told me this in the past year? Get real..

And speaking of getting, I gotta get my ass in bed for an early morning wake-up.

As she’d say … ya’ll take care! lol


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