{June 14, 2007}   An Ideal Girl

Busy, busy, busy today. Got out into the city to take care of some things. Mainly government oriented stuff – real fun!

As always, I used the opportunity to do some people watching. It’s interesting to see what everyone’s wearing and how they act. I didn’t see any drop-dead-oh-I-must-meet-her girls, but I saw a mildly hot mother of (atleast) two who had dyed red streaks in her dark hair. Oddly enough her kids both had colored hair, also. One green, the other blue. Looked like the old skool punk Kool-Aid dye.

That got me to thinking about the “ideal girl” concept. I mean, the point of this blog is recording my quest for a life mate. Sounds simple enough? It ain’t.

See, I don’t have an ideal girl in my mind. Alot of girls sure seem to have a very set “ideal guy” in their head, from what they’ve told me. A Mr. Right, if you will. Tall with blue eyes and jock-style temperment or whatever. Most of the guys I know aren’t quite that specific but they prefer blondes or skinny girls, etc. Me? I’ve no kind of standards like that.

I guess I’m one of those people who can find the good in just about anyone, with a few exceptions. Loud, brassy girls can be lots of fun to be around, but so can the shy & quiet types. Blondes, brunettes, redheads, raven hair – all that’s attractive to me if done right. Same with body types (again, a few exceptions here but nothing drastic).

I think my main factor is intimacy level. More than anything, I like comfortable girls. I don’t mean relaxed or mellow as much as I mean snuggly and affectionate (whether privately or publicly). Stand-offishness isn’t attractive after you’ve hung out for a while. Too much formality makes things unneccessarily awkard.

So that’s my little blurb for today: I want a snuggly girl!

How the hell I find that, I’m still not sure.

Oh, and as a PS – Leeza’s decided to chat me. I’ll have to post more on her amazing ability to bore me out of my skull and why I keep tolerating it when I know it robs me of a right to complain.

Good thing I don’t need “rights” to complain, huh? 😉


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