{June 15, 2007}   Got Emo?

So I was google searching for “emo guys” for a friend of mine to look at hairstyles or whatever. I see lots of dudes who look like this at the mall. Or maybe they’re girls, it’s sometimes difficult to tell. In all fairness they do look interesting and not too far off the whole goth look which I favor from time to time.

I dig just about any subculture and where I am the emo-ish kids seem to like mixing goth/metal and hiphop. They’ve got tight little t-shirt with bands, low-riding jeans that can be tight or baggy, shaggy ragged cut hair, eyeliner, 2pac-style bandanas and in many cases ice (or bling if you prefer). Oh, and belt buckles appear to be important.

I can’t afford to dress emo or anything and I found this link:


Now, while this is funny stuff cuz it’s stereotyping people I try to keep in mind that for one, most people mocking the emo thang are either too poor to participate or too old to remember being cool. I think it does highlight something interesting, though. Lots of times guys pretend to be what they aren’t to get female attention while the girls pretend to want something they don’t in a guy. Pretty viscious circle and I’ve gotten caught up in it.

If I had a point to this I’m sorry, but I’ve lost it. You can stop reading now.

Preci8 u I-ballin’ this one 😀


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