{June 15, 2007}   Hot or Not? The Saga Begins!

So I decided, upon hearing the outrageous fortune that a female friend of mine had on Hot or Not, to sign up for the site. I generally loathe this kind of thing, it goes against alot of my so-called values about judging people. So I don’t rate pictures I just pretty much say yes to meeting most any girl the site shows me.

Surprisingly, my real actual photo taken when I was sick as hell and totally washed-out looking is now rated a proud 6! That’s out of 10, mind you. I’m thoroughly pleased and even better? Yep, I got double-matches which means someone wants me meet me based off my pics and little profile blurb.

I added a couple girls to my instant messenger thingie and will tell more about that as things develop. Since I don’t want to pay for Yahoo Personals (it’s like $25 a month!) and OkCupid only netted me a busy chick in her 30’s, I’m stuck with free sites like Hot or Not.

When I *do* get some more cash I’ll sign up for more sites because part of my journey here will be reporting how my dating adventures go. After all, to find true love you kinda gotta go hunting around for it, right? I’ve got several sites in mind and I’m open to suggestions if anyone cares to tell ’em to me.

Oh, final note: I drew a lil sketch of my favorite thing to draw, the female form. I’m by NO means the world’s best sketcher and I’m rusty since the last time I practice sketching was years ago, but I’m trying to start up again. Recently I’ve been painting more than anything, but even that’s been sporadic. So, yeah, I’ll post my little sketch up as soon as I scan in it and allow it to be subjected to public ridicule. lol

Why not? Time & effort only improve your skills, right?


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