What does HeartGnosis mean? 

HeartGnosis means basically Wisdom of the Heart. Gnosis is a Greek word that generally means ‘spiritual knowledge’. What I mean by the term is that I’ve decided to live my life by following my heart as truly as I possibly can to see where it takes me.

So what’s this blog about then?

This blog is where I record my adventures in finding what I want most in life: a Mate. I’m planning to show what I go through on my journey to find true love so I can remind myself and maybe inspire a few other people, too, while I’m at it. I’ll be writing about the art I create (maybe post some of it, also), the situations I find myself in, my thoughts on things I notice or learn and stuff I think my interest those who might be interested in me.

Will this blog be work safe/parent approved?

I suppose that depends, but no I don’t plan to censor myself. This blog is where I can be the most real and true to myself in ways we can’t always be in social situations. So, yeah I’m a pervert and I cuss like a sailor when I feel like it, as well. The blog is meant for those of us who’ve been down on our luck relationship-wise and that ain’t always pretty to look at. Beware!

Who’s this Irish guy? Can I talk to him?

To learn about Irish (me) you’ll need to visit the Meet Irish section of the site. It’s located to the left, along the side. There we’ll cover who all I am. And yeah, if you want to contact me you are more than welcome to. I may or may not post your letter so if you don’t want me to make SURE you tell me!

This blog is a waste of time! You suck!

Yet you’re still reading? 😉


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