Hey, I’m the author of this blog and I go by the name Irish. I made this blog to give you some insight on the love life of a geeky 20-something artist who’s moderately attractive despite being forced to use a wheelchair due to a rare physical disability. You might be wondering who I am, so let’s cover my basic stats, shall we?

Gender: Male

Age: In my 20’s

Location: Southern United States

Height: Not too tall, I’m sitting down

Weight: Not fat, not a beanpole

Tattoos/Piercings: Probably 😉

Paralyzed: No, I feel everything

Virginity: Lost long ago

Job: Doing this & my other artwork

Okay, that covers the boring stuff. I’ll be updating this part of the blog pretty frequently, but for now let’s list some of my interests so you can see what all I’m into. In no particular order:

Comics/Graphic Novels, Music (Rock, Metal, HipHop, Alternative), Films (Thriller, Horror, Indie, Comedy, Action, Documentaries), Erotica, Video Games (Grand Theft Auto, Civilization, Elder Scrolls, NFL games, Military/Strategy games), Action Figures, Collectible Card/Miniatures Gaming, Painting, Poetry, Role Playing Games, Football, Novels, Biographies, Sex, Mysticism, History, Astronomy, Zoology, Cosmetics, Fashion

And yeah, the list keeps going. You get the idea, I’m a nerd with an artistic bent and a streak of nature lover in him. In case you’re wondering, yes I do have Irish in my ancestry along with some other ethnicities.

So why in the hell would I volunteer to post all this crap about myself? To learn that you’ll have to click on the section: Mission Statement. It’s on the lefthand side of this blog and it’ll explain what my mission is.

Thanks for stopping by,

Irish X.

PS – Wanna e-mail me? I’m heartgnosis@gmail.com and I welcome your feedback, comments and free stuff you feel like giving me! 🙂


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